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Vincent M. Blazewicz RFC, CLTC

Vincent M. Blazewicz, RFC, CLTC
CFS – Certified Financial Services, LLC
Financial Specialist
52 Forest Avenue
Paramus, NJ, 07652

Telephone: (201) 843 7700
Cell (973) 865 2006


Vincent is a broker not an agent.  He does not work for a specific company, he works for his clients.

Who are his clients?

  • Individuals and couples with an average age of 42 years old.
  • Small business owners
  • Large corporate clients

What does he offer to his clients?

Vincent works directly with clients and identifies their specific issues and develops customized strategies.

Assists his clients in protecting their income and health with disability and medical/dental insurance.

He provides support in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and Washington State.

Vincent is part of the financial wellness movement.  He conducts highly regarded on-site financial workshops for the employees of medium and large companies.

Trends in the industry

  • Healthcare insurance is costing more and more money.  During the last couple of years the cost of health insurance is increasing (22% in the last year*).
  • There is a trend to continue to focus on preventative medicine.

16 Ways to Be More Financially Secure

  1. Protect yourself with an annual physical (take care of yourself)
  2. Protect your car with routine maintenance (e.g. oil change and tire rotations)
  3. Protect your home (e.g. is your roof ok?)
  4. Know your company benefits
  5. Avoid late fees & ATM charges
  6. Avoid speeding tickets and use E-Zpass
  7. Protect the people who depend upon you with appropriate life insurance.  Work with a life insurance professional and obtain an evaluation.
  8. Stay current professionally
  9. Protect your income by having disability insurance
  10. Have a current will, power of attorney, and healthcare proxy.  Plus, have multiple people who know where these documents are located.
  11. Credit Score – know it and maintain it!
  12. Consider a Health Savings Account to save money
  13. Do not name your estate or minors as life insurance beneficiaries
  14. Have a budget and stick to it
  15. If you are a small business owner (partnership) have a buy/sell agreement in place and fund it (e.g. life insurance for the principles)
  16. In divorce, consider owning life insurance on your spouse.


* Based on my clients

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