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Tom McMillian

Tom McMillian
Category: Internet Web Design
Techato, LLC

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Member since: 2009

Best Way to tip me

The best tip for me would be the owner of a company who wants to grow profitable sales by doing more work with current clients as well as developing new clients. This tip could include coming up with a marketing plan, building or improving a website, or putting in place productive social media tactics.

Why LeTip of Parsippany works for me

“I enjoy the camaraderie of my fellow LeTip members. Plus, as I learn about their businesses and the challenges they’re facing, I’ve learned new ways to help my clients. Because of LeTip, I’ve become a better businessperson.”

A little about myself

I love spending time, training and competing with my Clumber Spaniels, Blanche & Harper Lee. Both Blanche and Harper Lee are titled in Competitive Obedience and Rally. Currently, my beloved wife Joanne and I are training our Clumbers in Tracking and Agility.

I’m an avid science fiction reader and connoisseur of new ‘cutting-edge’ technologies. I’m delighted when real world advances outstrip the imagination of science fiction authors.
New Jersey Entrepreneur has recognized me as New Jersey’s Marketing Expert. I’ve written many marketing articles with a special emphasis on Advocacy Marketing. I do a fair about of guest lecturing. I’ve spoken at various colleges and recently spoke at the International World Future Society meeting and at Canada’s Mind Camp.

I have a passion for innovation. I put on Northern New Jersey’s Creativity & Innovation Day. The objective of this day-long workshop was to ignite personal creativity and to help folks learn how to innovate better with others.  Another innovation workshop I gave was, “What If Imaginarium“.   The purpose of this workshop was to assist people in creating their personal Imaginarium and use this to springboard new ideas and solve challenging situations.
Finally, I enjoy playing the ukulele.

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What our members say . . .

Tom Grant
R.S. Beam Financial

"I enjoy the friendships that have fostered among the members, the knowledge I obtain from fellow entrepreneurs and the business I have received."

Elliot Gorman
Business Insurance Planning Services, Inc.

"LeTip works for me because it eliminates the “stranger anxiety” people would have appointing without meeting me. The referrals I receive from the members of LeTip of Parsippany are wonderful."