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Why Join

Why Join LeTip?

Unlike other networking groups, such as the Chamber of Commerce, Each chapter of LeTip is restricted to only one member per business category. That means as a LeTip member you have category exclusivity and you become known as the expert in your field.

Once you’ve established yourself within LeTip of Parsippany, other members routinely provide you with business tips.  This means that you receive the name and contact information of someone in need of your services and the contact is ready to make a buying decision.  This is a wonderful source of continued new business!

As a LeTip member, you become part of an organization of business professionals.  In addition to gaining more business, LeTip acts as your support team as well as your sales team.  At each meeting, you will learn about new ways to develop profitable sales as well as new ways to go-to-market.

If you are a business professional in the greater Parsippany area looking to establish your business in the community, we highly recommend becoming a LeTip member.

For more information, contact our president, Jeanmarie Dunn-Kane, Esq. at jkane@feinsuch.com or call (973) 538-4700 Ext 237.

Better yet, come to a breakfast meeting as our guest!.

Membership Requirements

  • Open to professionals, business owners, executives, managers, and sales people.
  • Weekly Meeting Attendance
  • Annual Membership Fee
  • Quarterly dues
  • Follow up on all business tips.
  • Refer business Tips to other members
  • Present your business in a 30 second spoken “commercial” during weekly meetings
  • Provide your business cards to other LeTip members
  • Introduce LeTip to other prospective members
  • Visit www.letip.com to learn more

The Benefits of joining Parsippany LeTip!

  • Build your business by meeting weekly with other professionals in the community who can use and refer your service, product or business to qualified prospects.
  • Business categories are limited to one member in each LeTip chapter. (For example: only one electrician or one financial advisor is allowed in each chapter.) This allows members to exclusively promote their specialty.
  • Create an entire sales force of dedicated business people without the overhead.
  • Learn professional skills necessary to help promote your business.




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What our members say . . .

Tom Grant
R.S. Beam Financial

"I enjoy the friendships that have fostered among the members, the knowledge I obtain from fellow entrepreneurs and the business I have received."

Elliot Gorman
Business Insurance Planning Services, Inc.

"LeTip works for me because it eliminates the “stranger anxiety” people would have appointing without meeting me. The referrals I receive from the members of LeTip of Parsippany are wonderful."